Create a list

We record the data of your wheels and tires and charge you a fair share of our effort. Alternatively, you provide an Excel list. You decide for yourself which data you can provide - we will be happy to advise you.



you can register here. We will check your account and you will get a confirmation within 24 hours.


Selling Process

Choose one of the formats: sell to a fixed price, Auction with minimum price or Auction without minimum price. In the latter, you decide whether to accept the highest bid.



Once the payment is made, the buyer will pick up the wheels.

Deal Information


New and used tires, wheels and rims (used wheels from leasing companies, demo wheels and tires, wheels and tires with old DOT etc.).


The buyer transfers the money before the pickup directly to the seller.

Minimum Order Value

The total estimated value of every offer must be at least 4000€.


Free of cost for sellers. For all other charges click on Fee-List.

Advantages of Laketyre

  • Benefits for buyers

    • You will regularly receive offers and save on the costs of independent sales efforts at car dealerships and other providers.
    • Our commission system means that costs are only incurred when you have actually purchased goods (see fee schedule). Account creation and access to offers are free of charge.
    • You have access to a wide range of packages: in addition to predominantly used goods, surplus stock of new goods (for example, direct from manufacturers) is also offered, with a simultaneously wide range of brands (wheels from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc.).
  • Benefits for sellers

    • We offer you a cross-border buyer network throughout Europe. Thanks to our wide reach, we achieve the best prices.
    • Use of the platform is free of charge for sellers (see fee schedule for details). Additionally, Laketyre supports you with listing and processing.
    • You can set a minimum price. Alternatively, in auctions without a minimum price, you decide whether to accept the highest bid or not. Payment in advance ensures maximum security for you. Collection is carried out by the buyer after payment has been received.


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